“Hunger is something no one should struggle with – or be judged for.”

“Manussakama” is a community service project conducted by the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya which was held on the 25th of September 2016 to help the street vagabonds in the outskirts of Colombo city and in other areas around the island by providing them with 170 plus lunch packets and dessert. Our main aim was to lend a helping hand to those who are unable to earn their own bread and to eliminate hunger from these poor souls who cannot afford a single meal at least for a day.

The project comprised of two major activities, done on the same day. Our first task was to collect donations from volunteers who were willing to join us to help these souls to have a proper meal. Our second task was to distribute all these donations. Distribution of donations was done in five main distribution points. They are namely, Pettah/Fort, Borella, around Town hall, Kelaniya temple and St. Anthony’s church in Kochchikade. In addition to these main distribution points, our fellow rotaractors joined us in distributing their donations in other sub areas island wide.

This project not only paved the way for us to achieve our main objective of taking hunger away at least temporally from these street vagabonds by providing a meal, but also helped us to touch one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) introduced by the United Nations which is “No Hunger”.

The organizing team of “Manussakama” received an immense support from all the club members of our Rotaract family and the project was an excellent way to bring up the happiness to those who are in need.

Written by : Rtr. Darsha Hewapanna (Joint Secretary)

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