Milestones in September

Yasasi Bandaranayake

“A true friend is someone who is like a mirror that doesn’t lie and a shadow that never leaves.”

Yasasi is a friend of that nature. Everybody who has associated with her will agree with me if I described her with the above statement.

This tiny girl was born on 23rd of September 1994 and completed her primary education at Musaeus College and entered into the University of Kelaniya with flying colours with her G.C.E. Advanced Levels. She is not only good in her studies but also good at winning hearts of everyone, with her caring and friendly nature.

She is not just a friend to her friends but a teacher, an adviser and a sister. She is a person who motivates her peers to achieve bigger and to go high up in the ladder. She has always been this awesome personality who is willing to help others through thick and thin, sacrificing her own work just to serve others and make them happy.

Being the Joint Secretary of the Rotaract family, she has guided and directed fellow rotaractors to perform well in their respective avenues with her leadership qualities and have always been there for them whenever needed.

We wish this amazing human being all the very best for her future endeavours.

Written by : Rtr. Darsha Hewapanna (Joint Secretary)


Charuni Dissanayake

“Charu”, as we lovingly call her, has been a friend of mine for a long time. She is not just a friend, but someone who gradually became my own sister. The thing I like most about her, is her sense of responsibility. Whenever she is requested to do a task, not only is she eager to do it but she has a need to do it perfectly as well. Charu is a person who always wanted to give back to the society and I believe it’s the reason behind her decision to join Rotaract.

Photography has been her passion since the school days and she has always dreamt of making a career out of it. After being selected to the University of Kelaniya she started taking the initial steps toward her dream. As the proud owner of her own camera currently she is taking an active role in photographing events in the University. In addition to that she also covers events outside the university as well as maintaining an official Facebook page regarding her photography.

Due to her talent and responsible behaviour she was appointed as the Co-Director of Public Relations for the year 2016/2017. Not only is she an active member who offers her support for the welfare of the club but she is also one of the club’s official photographers.

On this special day we wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

Written by : Rtr. Amasha Liyanage (Co-Director International Understanding)

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