Piyumansala – I

“We cannot claim to love God, if we continue to live in unclean environment and pollute the waters. God gave man and woman the authority to rule every living creature and to safeguard the living resources. We have a duty to perform and responsibility to fulfil this role.”
-Lailah Gifty Akita-

Sri Lanka is considered as a culturally-embedded nation, which encourages its citizens to spend a life attached with religion. At present this relationship between the religion and youth is fading away. Therefore as a club we wanted to reconstruct this relationship by initiating the project “Piyumansala – I”.

We as rotaractors of the University of Kelaniya were enlightened with the idea of conserving the environment gifted by the Buddhist culture, which was enacted as a successful project by the community service avenue. After much preparation and planning we headed to Sri Sambuddhaloka Viharaya, Fort on the 25th of July.

Our main objective was to make the temple environment a pleasant one for the worshipers, as it is a religious place visited by many, every day.IMG-20150924-WA0008

After few hours of dusting and cleaning, we were able to create a sedative atmosphere, which enables worshipers to spend some quality time embracing Buddhism, to enhance their spiritual life, apart from their busy lifestyle. We as youthful rotaractors believe that we fulfilled a responsibility towards society, which we also be humbly proud of. Life attached with the religion for youth is very important and understanding that relationship and acting on it is more important.

The project was successfully completed with the guidance and initiation of Rtr. Rumalie Cooray (Director – Community Services) with the thought of carrying out this project throughout the year.



Written By : Rtr. Shenali Perera (Editor)

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