Route to “Ru”

Rotaractors are always the committed ones. They dream of changing the world, but they are also not reluctant to enjoy and have fun at every moment they get. This is exactly why the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya organized “Route to RU”.
“Route to RU” is the annual trip and is was organized with the objective of promoting collaboration within the membership while driving the enthusiasm of the members. The unity and the bond that will be created and enhanced through the project is expected to drive power-packed RCUOK projects.
The destination was the jungle beach in Roomassala which also gave us the name, “Route to RU”. The meeting point was the university and we all met at 5 o’ clock in the morning. We were all set to leave by 6, while a few members did join us on the way. The journey to the destination was packed with fun and just when we thought things could not get any better, it just did. At the jungle beach it was all about the fun and enjoying, as we played games of Kabadi, Volleyball, Tap Rugger and also many other fun filled activities.
The lunch was served, after every one had freshened up and the after lunch session was focused sightseeing. The organizers had set up a surprise to us all, as it was not anticipated. The visit into the Galle Fort and other amazing areas added up to the great day. We left Galle at around 6 while, dinner was set for us all in Bentota. The entire journey was over by 10.30 as the crew returned to the University, but the memories will last a  lifetime.
Written By: Rtr. Datshatha Gamage (Director- Professional Development)

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