“Snehadana” 2019 – Charity should be wholeheartedly done.

The first of October is a memorable day in our minds ever since we were little school kids. We awaited all the amusements that were planned on the Children’s Day back then, being sure of getting all sorts of love filled sweets and chocolates from our elders and we gifted them in return our artless affection making it the Elders’ day at the same time. Even though it’s a day titled down in the calendar, we were taught that the affection and love between the two generations should be timeless and deeply rooted.


It is with this angelic thought in our minds we organized “Snehadana” 2019 – the project of gifting affection to our fellow beings representing the two generations: the elderly and children.


Amidst the fatiguing struggle of living, we see that there are people in our country who aim on their living just to feed themselves and their children with some food at least once a day. Therefore we decided that we should do what we could in minimizing their burden even for a single day by providing them a nutritious meal. Proving that we can do more together, We were able to distribute 50 homemade lunch packets to the low income seniors on the first of October.



The food were made with love and were given with more affection not only because it was the day of elders and children but because of our deed being able to aid them on just another tough and thick day of their lives, lingering our affection and love inside their hearts. We distributed candy and chocolates to the kids as well and were delighted to see their sincere smiles.


The project was done under the Community Service avenue and was a great success with the participation of our Rotaractors who are always willing to lend helping hands where ever and whenever needed!

IMG-20191005-WA0031.jpgwritten by Co- editor:Rtr. Parami Ranasinghe

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