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Did you know that half of the world’s hospital beds are filled with people suffering from a water-related disease? Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island in the South Asian region with many water resources but due to the irresponsibility of people, the water resources are polluted heavily with domestic sewage, industrial effluents and in rural areas with agricultural runoff

As the young leaders, a team of Rotaractor from  University of Kelaniya have organized the project “Pure Drop” to make the general public  more aware about  the value of the water resources and the actions needed to be taken for the sustainable utilization of water. In this project, we are organizing article writing competitions for school students with the aim of prompting a change in society to spread awareness about the seriousness of this issue.

Moreover, this project will address the issues related to water pollution and sanitation. With the contribution of the members, there will be a distribution of sanitisers and masks. In this project, there will be discussions on water conservation and sustainable use of water resources.


We will also bring in hygiene knowledge alongside clean water to ensure the health benefits. There will be insightful and dynamic events to step up for protecting water and ensuring proper sanitation.

 As Rotaractors, we believe that every single action counts to make a change in society. Therefore, join our project to conserve water resources sustainably. Believe in yourself and your power to change the world!!!

Article by: Rtr. Amaya Devindi

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