Unbeing dead isn’t being alive. Is solitude really a bad thing? An introvert speaks.

True indeed, unbeing dead isn’t being alive as someone had said once. With this uproar of social distancing, your extroverted self would be having a tough time, we guess. Ever thought about how to overcome the boredom of staying indoors due to this under-house arrest sort of thing over the past weekend? Here’s a tip from an introvert if you care enough to read.

Why don’t you embrace this “home alone” time to do something which you loved and missed for so long? True that it’s not the best time to “enjoy” life since all of us are worried as a nation and as one human race about the increasing transmission. But it’s not a crime to feed your bored soul with some good vibes while we struggle to overcome this curse.

So how about tapping your heart and asking what it wants you to do? For sure you might have unread piles of books, movies or songs you had craved to watch or listen long ago. So consider this as a safety measure to distance you from the society but don’t allow it to distance you from your own self! Don’t let your heart rot with boredom because unbeing dead isn’t being alive! This time is not to be wasted, use it on living! Solitude isn’t a bad thing at all.

Co -editor: Rtr. Parami Ranasinghe

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