Wash for a Wish

The Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya organized their first fund raising project for their upcoming projects “Wash for a Wish – Car Wash” on the 28th of August near BRC Grounds. The project was chaired by Rtr. Manesh Gunasekara (Director – Finance).

The main sponsor for the event was Auto Mirage Pvt. Ltd and prior to the car wash a training session was also conducted by the main sponsor on the 25th of August. To secure the quality of the project the rotaractors of RCUOK participated this training session and had a clear idea about how the things should be carried out.

The car wash was held with the participation of all the members of RCUOK. The day was very successful and enjoyable. The project was blessed with rain at the beginning and that increased the motivation of the rotaractors and at the end with a huge effort of all the members of RCUOK the “Wash for a Wish” was successfully concluded.

This project was an output of a series of hard work and effort of all the members of RCUOK and the main reason behind the success was our man power. During the project and prior to the project all the member participated eagerly on all the preparations for the car wash including finding the sponsors and selling the tickets.

Throughout the project the support we got from our university was immense especially from our senior treasurer senior lecturer, Dr. D U Mohan.

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Written By : Rtr. Shenali Perera (Editor)

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