Life with “Dream, Serve, Relish”

The Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya (RCUoK) started to “Dream” on how we should achieve our goals and how we should help others in achieving  their goals just a year ago with many hopes and ambitions. With that thought we “Served” the society as one and as a family. Now it has come to the end of an amazing year while giving us many memories to “Relish”.

Journey of the RCUoK committe for the year 2015/2016 led by Rtr. Thilina Nimantha and his team will mark their final curtain on this day where I write this note as a proud Rotaractor of a proud Rotaract club.

This was not an easy path yet this was the best path. Together as a club we achieved a lot which we can recall and be happy in many more years to come. Life with Rotaract was an amazing journey for us, which we shared many ups and downs. The risks we took and the challenges we had made our bond much more stronger. The friendliness we shared the love we cared made our lives more beautiful.

This journey would not have been a reality without the help of our dear members of RCUoK who supported us in every way possible to give our best to the society through volunteering. Thank you very much for trusting on us in past year and giving us your hand to rise as one of the best clubs of Rotaract District 3220. Thank you Rotaract District 3220 committee for the year 2015/2016 led by DRR. Sathiyendra T Singham for your support in making our en devours a reality.

It was good heart and friendship we all shared made all of us strong through out this time. As a family here we mark the end of a great journey while passing on the club to safer hands for the year 2016/2017. Rtr. Harindu Dharshana and his team congratulations, warm wishes and blessings for a splendid year from the outgoing committee of RCUoK.

When the clock strikes 12.00 a.m few minute later we will mark the end of an amazing journey with RCUoK by thanking everyone who supported us.

Viva La Rotaract!!

Written on behalf of the Committee for the year 2015/16 of the Rotaract Club of University o Kelaniya by Rtr. Shenali Perera (Editor)






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