Rotaract Champions League (RCL) 2020.

Whenever we hear the word “champions League” football always comes into our minds, but if you are a Rotaractor, I’m sure it is totally a different thing. The most anticipated sports fiesta of the year, the “Rotaract champions League” or as we, the rotaractors call it “RCL” started on the 11th of January 2020. RCL is the annual sports tournament organized by the Rotaract District 3220 Sri Lanka and Maldives.
RCL 2020 was the epitome of fun and sportsmanship in Rotaract, held at the university grounds of the University of Colombo and in the Sports complex of Royal College, on the 11th, 18th and 19th of January. A large number of Rotaractors participated in the many events organized and our club was able to secure places in these events as well. On the day 1, our club was able to secure the 4th place in Men’s 100m race and 2nd place in Men’s 4 x 1000 relay. On the day 02, we secured the 4th place in Table tennis. On the last day, our cricket team became the runner’s up in Men’s cricket. Our dearest joint-secretary Rtr.Nemindi was able to secure the 3rd place in the ‘secretaries’ race’.
Apart from that, our Rotaractors participated in the events including Women’s tug of War, Badminton, Women’s cricket and Men’s tag rugby and below is the list of the winners.

Cricket (men)

-Rusira Nipun
-Sandun Sulakshana
-Lakshina Rodrigo
-Ashan Tharaka
-Prakash Dilanka
-Champika Mendis
-Himesha Ranganath



Bhagya Ranasinghe                          Nemindi Rathnayake                           Kisal Ekanayake
Malki Epasinghe


Cricket (women)

-Prabodha Atapattu
-Nipuni Mahathanthri
-Kalani Narmada
-Thilini Priyadarshani
-Piyumi Sarangi


Table tennis

-Dewmini Weerasena
-Shammika Randima
-Isuri Godavita
-Vimukthi Sameera


Tag Rugby

-Sachin Gamlath
-Mahima Wijethunga
-Thilina Sanjeewa Kumara(R)
-Kasun Balasooriya
-Ishanka Lahiru
-Bimsara Perera


100×4 (Men)

-Ashan Tharaka
-Himesh Ranganath
-Prakash Dilanka
-Mohomad Uwais


Tag of war (women)

Sakura Kalhari
-Kalani Narmada
-Asheni Dilhara
-Harsha Maduwanthi


We are thankful for all our club members who supported and cheered us. RCL is not just an ordinary sports event to showcase your excellent sportsmanship but it is also an event that cultivates fellowship among Rotaractors through sports. Hence, it is our greatest pleasure to have taken part in this amazing event and we are looking forward with great enthusiasm for the next RCL!

Written by~ Rtr. Isuri Gunatilake

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