The Spirit of the Club – September

It was just 10 days after our 7th installation and one special character in the club spoke to many hearts at once by initiating a new phase of “Manussakama”, a project which was conducted last year as well. It is none other than the joint secretary of the club Rtr. Darsha Hewapanna, who proved actions speak louder than words in this new phase, where nearly 180 lunch packets were distributed to people who were in dire need for food, while helping our club to achieve one of the sustainable development goals identified by the United Nations which was “No Hunger”.

She has organized the event in a manner which portrayed her leadership and team management skills effectively, with 5 teams directed towards 5 destinations. The 5 destinations were Townhall, Borella, Kelaniya, Pettah and Kochchikade. The success of the project was noted by the smiles of the people. We would like to appreciate her hard work and proudly announce her as the “Spirit of the Club” for the month of September. We wish her a very successful year ahead with the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya.

Written by : Rtr. Chiranthi Thilakarathne (Editor)

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